Bad Boy Homecoming: One Reunion. Five Second Chances.

About the Series

It’s been ten years since the Class of ’07 left the hallowed halls of their high school. They left behind the drama of their teen years, relationships, and so many of the connections they thought would last forever.

Now it’s time for their ten year high school reunion and not only will those coming home will have to face their past, they’ll have to face the ones they left behind. Secrets, forgotten romances, and hidden crushes will have the face the test of time…and reunions.

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Catfish Creek Welcomes You

Welcome (back) to Catfish Creek! Our town isn’t as small as it used to be, but we’re still the down home feel we’ve always been. Now get yourself a nice cold drink and sit down with one of these sexy new stories set in our favorite town. While your there, you might see a few familiar sites.


The Grange is a local bar, pool, and dancehall that has been a part of Catfish Creek for decades. Owner, Frank Dallas used to ride bulls professionally before opening The Grange and settling into Catfish Creek. If you want to sit down and have some family friendly food and games, it’s the place for you before nine pm. After that, we put on the country music and the line dancing begins. Family Nights are Sunday nights so put the little ones in their favorite boots and get to dancing!


A Rock and Roll bar in Catfish Creek.


Where our local students attend their final years in public school. Go Bulldogs! 5A Ball, State Champs ’05 & ’06.


The local teen hang out and Drive In. And for the last time, the place is NOT called MUST-BANG Drive in. I’m looking at you, teens. Stop calling it that.


The best greasy burgers in a twenty mile radius. And don’t forget the spicy fries!


Not THAT kind of meat market. This is a family owned butcher shop and one of our favorite local institutions.


Our local boy salutatorian is back home and doing amazing! If only our valedictorian was doing as well.